By happyhound


Rain! It's great, the seasonal puddles and waterways are back, the tadpoles that were long since assumed perished are miraculously swimming again and reflections are in abundance.

I know I've blipped this spot twice before, but there's reason we're here again. Zozie1 is originally from Yorkshire and a very good friend of mine. A few years ago she took her Hungarian Vizslas and moved to Australia and as it turns out she's not coming back (sad face sad face). She's just joined blip and so I thought I'd snap a place that would remind her of home, which she misses very much. (Much of my frequent blip spots were introduced to me by this lady.) I'm sure some of the local blippers would be right up her street as she adores the moors and surrounding countryside. Welcome, Zozie1, I can't wait to keep in touch through blip!

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