The play's the thing

A celebratory day. We went to see the Royal Shakespeare Company's Hamlet in Stratford-upon-Avon, as recommended by PaulaJ. It was my first visit to Stratford since the redesigned theatre reopened five years ago and I love it. It's much more intimate, even with more seats, and I like how parts of the previous art deco theatre have been retained.
The performance was exhilarating and intelligent, full of energy and colour. The words were spoken for meaning (it should never be otherwise but often is) creating characters I believed in and felt for – even poor pompous Polonius. All of them, trying at each moment to make sense of their situation but out of their depth. Desperate, broken Ophelia was heart-rending.
We came out bubbling with things to talk about, headed off for a meal then were joined by the other friends who’d recommended this production so we bubbled all over again.
Thank you, Paula!

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