A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53

It's only make believe

For weeks there have been blips of the film set on Penistone Hill but I've just not got around to going.

The Sunday walkers, including my neighbour and two blippers, incorporated it into this morning's walk. When I got back from church she told me that today was the last day to get a close look as they start filming tomorrow and then it will be pulled down at the end of the week.

So we just had to go despite it being a full on day at church.
As you approach you can see that it is made predominantly out of chip board, but then you can see the other side that has been darkened to represent stone etc, extra
It is a reproduction of the Bronte Parsonage, grave yard and church, just down the road in Haworth.

Sally Wainright has written a story about the lives of the Brontes to be screened on Christmas Day. As you watch you will know that it's only make believe but absolutely brilliant.
Hobbiton all over again, one woman couldn't believe they would pull it down. ( If they left it I'm pretty sure it would blow down)

We met another blipper whilst there so I reckon there will be quite a bit of this on blip today.

A late lunch and then back to church for tonight's confirmation service with the Bishop. It's all go around here.

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