James's Giant Peach (from the Roald Dahl story)

It's been a lovely sunny day, so we took my Mum-in-Law to visit Tatton Park (at Knutsford, near Manchester). It's many years since we last went there. We were only able to explore a tiny part of the very extensive grounds but we particularly enjoyed the Roald Dahl Centenary exhibits which they've dotted around the place (Dahl would have been 100 years old on September 13th this year).

This blip shows the giant stone from the centre of the peach from the story "James and the Giant Peach". The character on the right is the Grasshopper, but we're not quite sure who the other one is. Maybe it's James himself but it looks too old for him. It could be the old man who gives him the bag of magic tiny objects, although he's supposed to be dressed in green. Anyway, whoever he is it's a rather fun exhibit. Small kids can climb inside the stone but we reckoned we were too big and might get stuck!!

Note: I did have a flower macro ready for Tiny Tuesday but decided this was much more interesting...although maybe one could regard this as a macro version of a normal-sized peach stone...!   ;-))

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