Of Tractors, a Moggy and Bikes

Amazing weather, scratching at the 30°C as I walked around the "Oldtimer" vehicle meeting in a nearby village. Held every two years by a small group/society whose purpose is to keep the old pagan ritual of pre Christmas chasing out the evil spirits, dressed in masks and cow hides - "Klausen".

I suspect the idea of the mainly tractor rally, came about as a result of a low bank balance in the society's account. I was amazed at how many vehicles there were - certainly in the hundreds and the event held more or less in the village centre was packed with long queues at the beer and snack stands.

Was very impressed. Glad though Angie and the dogs stayed at home in the blistering heat. I couldn't stay long as I had to get back to do a bee inspection, the weather due to breakdown tonight.

As to be expected the bee inspection went badly - I was exhausted and hot after the rally visit. However in general the hives doing well. I did do a small divide as one hive seemed to be at risk of swarming. Not sure it will work as I did it all in a rushed manner. Never good with bees.

Not too many Brits about at the rally but a few to keep the flag flying. Vehicles that is - I didn't hear a word of English spoken. Even one Moggy for Cowgirl.

Loads of photos of AJS s, Triumph s, a Moggy, US cars from Model A to a Fire Ladder and the odd tractor on Flickr.

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