A time for everything

By turnx3



In Our Ladies group this morning we started on a 4-part video by an American pastor on "Staying in love" - keeping the love alive in marriage. There were some questions based on the video, which led to some good sharing and discussion. I did grocery shopping on my way home, so lunch was rather late. It was late afternoon by the time I got out for a walk, my usual loop along the river to Héricy. This cygnet is one of the four I photographed the other day riding on Mum's back. There was a French lady watching the swans too, and she started talking to me. She quickly detected my English accent and switched to English. It turns out she had lived in the States, in the New York area, for over thirty years, so she was glad of the opportunity to practice her English! We chatted for a while, but finally we had to go our separate ways, as it was time to get back and fix dinner.

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