tales of alice

By alilicey

Venice to Rimini

Today we mainly traveled so didn't get many photos, this is the TV in our hostel on which we watched Murray play in the Wimbledon final.

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8th July 2012 (EURO 13)

I woke, as usual, several time in the night due perhaps to noise/heat. I got straight back to sleep so it does not bother me. I am slowly getting used to the heat at night, but aircon would be bliss. Packed up and headed to the station, hoping our train would not be cancelled. Many were. We sat from 10:30 to 10:50 (train due 11:53) with still no platform number (bought pineapple juice, good call!) but still nothing saying it had been cancelled. At around 10:52 it popped up saying Platform 12. We sprang up in a mad adrenaline fed rush. (I walked two metres, had forgotten bag of water, ran back grabbed both mine and Sarah's bags, shouted to Sarah struggling with her big bag that I had and we ran.) This was most unnecessary but hilariously fun all the same. Now I am comfortable on the train to Bologna C.Le (10:52 to 12:49) then Bologna C.Le to Rimini (13:35 to 15:03). I am sticking to my seat. Yummy haha. Loving travelling now. Excited for a new place, new people etc. Only 14 days left! (Coincidentally on the way to the station we met medic Adam guy again. Shouted "Scotlands!" and we turned. He was getting 10 hour train to Rome.)

We got off the train in Rimini and it was HOT. Located an ATM to pay for the hostel. Bought a tram ticket (?1) and the man guessed where we were going, POSITIVE SIGN! Got tram 11 to stop 13 (stops are handily numbered) and arrived around 5. We checked in and discovered we had our 6-female dorm to ourselves. Perfect. We didn't even wash/change, we just ran straight down to watch the Murray Game. We caught it at one set all. Poor little Murray, we watched him struggle against Federer. You could see how nervous he was. The bar man at the hostel found it so funny how into it we got and Murray got us properly tearing up by the end. Bless his little soul.

The hostel is so modern and all the staff speak English. Robert the bar guy is so eccentric, American and just a very big personality. He's travelled around working in bars and stuff. Irritating in big doses. Sarah finds him so annoying. Don't think I've ever been as unclean as I was sitting watching that game. Cold showers + heaven. We must have looked so bad because as we left for dinner the girl on reception didn't recognise us! We went to a restaurant called "Bounty". The receptionist girl had recommended and given us a free drink voucher. i got a ?8 salad with lots of lettuce, ham, cheese and chicken. It was good and I oddly struggled to finish it! In the restaurant we sat outside where there was a little band playing. The boy had an incredible voice, thought it was a tad loud. We had to wait 30 min for our free drink (till 10:30) so we just headed up and down the street to see what was going on. Just very Italian holidayish. We had missed this apparently massive "pink party" by 24 hours. Typical but what is meant to be is meant to be. Bought lock for locker ?1.30.

We just headed back to hostel at 11 pm ish, had nice chat before bed but we were tired from the day of travelling. I was oddly happy that Murray hadn't won as it would have been rubbish not to be in the UK for that! In the middle of the night (1 am) a man in charge of the hostel (the only non-english-speaking one) knocked on our door as the fire detectors were detecting smoke in our room. Finding us all asleep in our bed and not smoking he felt very bad and opened all our windows (bliss for us) to try and stop the beeping of the detector. I fell straight back to sleep but apparently he had to keep coming upstairs to stop the beeping, not disturb us again.

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