Crabby In Her Yellow Frock

I've photographed Mr Crabby this season, he's diminutive and feisty, dwarfed by his wife, with dark makings on his body and legs. I saw Crabby the other day and she was wearing white to match the petals of her ox-eye daisy lair.

Crabby had her summer yellow frock on today. Don't know why as she was hanging out on sheep's parsley. Her attire reminded me of a lovely yellow linen dress that I had when I was eleven. I tried not to think of the horrid, black, round-toed, clunky, Clark's, lace-up, beetlecrushers that I had to wear with it. :(

I lay on the ground under Crabby to get a different angle. I'm interested in spiders but don't love them and was willing her not to drop down onto me. :)  

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