Today I drove home to Dorset but not before I'd found my blip for the day in Mum's garden! Even though it's had no attention whilst we've been away, it still looks lovely! These foxgloves, grown from seed, looked particularly lovely! Mum's rather proud of these :)

The journey home was much better than anticipated, although the holiday traffic was definitely building. Thankfully, I know a route through the countryside which avoids the notorious local traffic jam hotspot, so I didn't have the frustration of sitting in stationary traffic when only a few miles from home!

It's now nearly seven and I have no fresh food in the house, so I'm off out to rectify the matter. Hopefully catch up some of you later this evening!

Update: How fortuitous is that! I've only just discovered that this week's FlowerFriday has an animal theme! And I have blipped a FOXglove! Thanks very much, BikerBear for hosting the challenge and thinking up a theme to fit my blip! :))

Many thanks for everything and have a wonderful bank holiday weekend!


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