Flower Friday Animal Edition...

A very long day at work and something finally happened to me that I have seen drivers quit over..While legal I find it an invasion of privacy...

It is known driving company equipment on company property that at anytime the truck can be searched by a mechanic or a manager for the big three.. Alcohol, drugs and weapons..

It is also known that with my license of a commercial vehicle that at anytime law enforcement can search my truck with very few exceptions.. A K9 drug dog is most common and I have had several in the truck over the years..

The one today has to do with private property rights. If someone is walking across your lawn you must let them know they are trespassing and give them an opportunity to leave before having them arrested.

What many don't understand that if a policy is in place, it is applied equally and they give you the right to leave but you don't that also gives them the right to search your vehicle "for their protection".. Remember you don't have a right to be on somebodies else's property without agreeing to their rules within the law.

Today I had an employee of the place I went to tell me I was going to be searched. Due to liability laws I notified who I was supposed to at work and let them know I objected to it. The reason was I was told to stay away from the truck and let them do their job.. Police and even my boss allow me to watch to protect both of us.. I know most people are just doing their jobs but....

What ever happened to telling the truth and trust.. For the last 20 years I have been coming here and they implemented these rules January 1st 2016 in the name of safety and security.. Problem is the majority who want to do harm won't care about the rules and won't follow them.. 

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