Constant Companion

Mr T's gone flying and I've elected to stay at home to catch up on those essential jobs, visit friends, a bit of gardening, plan next 'Travels with Matilda' ( Pembrokeshire and Skomer)  and then a little stalking the wildlife on the pond   Severn Trent managed water course near us. 

Absolutely no wild life to be seen, no swan, coot, moorhen,  ducks or their babies but lots of Dragonflies, Damselflies, Butterflies, Moths and wildflowers and a frenzy of flirtatious displays in the air all around my head, too fast to see exactly what they were.

My Blip today is of my constant companion who I spent lots of time taking photos of and probably interfering with her egg laying, eventually she got fed up and decided to sit on my arm and we walked back to the car together.

More of my stalkings  here.

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