An Uncommon Bird

I had a million dollar sleep last night  - feel so much better today.

I took a brief walk at the mouth of the estuary today and spotted a bird a little way out that I couldn't identify, although I could tell it was a heron and not our common white faced one. Thank heavens for the new lens -  and a decent crop when I got it on the computer, enabled me to identify it.

The bird is a Reef Heron and although found throughout coastal New Zealand, it is uncommon. A solitary feeder, they are a medium size heron  with a long neck and shorter legs than other herons. They are easily distinguished from the white faced heron by their uniform dark colour. The birds are very wary and will fly off when they become aware of your approach.

This one must have felt confident with the incoming tide, that I could not get close to it..

As the bird is so uncommon, I have included some extras of the reef heron for those who are interested. It will serve as a record for me too.

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