"Derelict Sunday": 93 Today!

We helped my Dad to celebrate his 93rd birthday today with Sunday lunch, a trip up the Northumberland Coast to Druridge Bay for a walk in the fresh air (and it was fresh - not the balmy weather the south of the country has had!), then a birthday tea along with my brother and his wife.

We all had a lovely time. My Dad, who's a great sport (and a regular viewer of my blips) graciously gave me permission to title and tag his photo "Derelict Sunday"! (In reality he's not really very derelict, but he knows I like to tease him. He only started using a walker after his hip fracture a year ago, and just yesterday he identified and corrected the techy problem which was preventing his laptop from upgrading to Windows 10 - he's a real silver surfer.)

(PS We decided against giving him 93 candles on his cake, in case the Fire Brigade was busy elsewhere...!)

Many thanks to Marlieske who's hosting Derelict Sunday at the moment.

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