The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

Monarch of the Skies.....

I had my scan today at the hospital and the operator said that he couldn't see anything unusual in respect to Gall Stones, so good news for me.

Mrs BM said there was a news report today that a 14 year old boy was drowned in a Quarry that is near to where we live, so sad, to die like that. Quarries can be so dangerous as the water is so cold even when it is Sunny and hot. As a Works Manager, this is what we all dread, a fatality on the works property, I guess the HSE will be crawling all over the works and Quarry.

Drove back down tonight and I am sitting in this Tin Oven that I call my Caravan, in my undies (Not a Pretty sight), trying to keep cool with a Fan on too. Why couldn't it have been like this last week.

This weekend we are off to Blackpool with the Grand Daughter Maddi, as she wants to see Dora again.

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