Well Done, Jeri!

Today I had a super-busy day. Up at 6 AM to get Jae's work sarnies made, and after having my breakfast I prepped a lasagne for tonight.

Time then to go over to my parents' (Via a trip to Wilko's for cutlery for the Boys!) and accompany them on their weekly shopping trip in Sleaford  Tesco. 

Once we were home and their shopping was away they sent me off to the chippy to buy their lunch. I had time to eat my sandwich from Wilko's (who knew they sold such things! It was yummy too!) then catch the train home.

Jeri and the Boys arrived shortly after I did, and Adam called in too as he was on a late job in Lincoln. 

Jeri brought her Edinburgh Marathon medal to show me, and to take photos of! I took a few shots of the boys too, and whilst playing with my camera I discovered a few tricks my camera does that I hadn't previously known about so I'm looking forward to having a play with them!

I'm very proud of Jeri! I couldn't finish a marathon (Unless it was the sort that is now known as Snickers....

Oh yeah...my Laptop has now gone to Windows 10! So far so good, but I hadn't saved anything to it, I just use it for Internet, and I've not done much surfing yet, so we shall see! 

My Fitbit continues not to sync despite trying everything known to man to resolve the problem!

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