My daughter Nic is staying for a few days so we headed down to spend the evening at Lunan Bay with the dogs on the private side of the beach where we get peace and quiet ;)

Unfortunately Zen decided to taste a beached jellyfish...

Big mistake - yup, he got stung in the mouth. 

We could see he's been stung and he was coughing and retching then he started eating mouthfuls of sand!  We got him to the grassy area and a little stream and let him drink and eat grass and eventually he threw up all the sand he'd managed to eat before we got a hold of him.

This is him feeling very sorry for himself.

I decided to head back to my car with him and by the time I got there he was a lot better, so we hung about and waited for my daughter and son and the other two dogs to come back from their wander.

It's amazing how fast they can bounce back, I was worried that Zen's mouth/tongue would swell up and choke him but by the time the others got back to the car,  Zen was bouncing about like normal.

Back home and he was wolfing down the dog biscuits!

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