My daughter Nic and I headed back down to Lunan Bay this evening with the dogs.

Zen is back to normal after yesterday's encounter with the jellyfish (see yesterday's blip) and wisely decided not to munch on any more!

We were on the private side of the beach again and it is heaven as we get the whole beach to ourselves.  Not many people know where the track is to get down to that part of the beach and we're not about to tell anyone either!

We walked right along to Lunan river (which is 2 miles along the beach and separates the private side from the 2 miles of public side) and paddled about in the water with the dogs getting Zen used to the deeper water.

We could see quite a lot of people on the public side but left them to it and stayed on 'our' side of the beach.

That really is my 'happy place'.

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