Poppy felt a little self concious whilst waiting for her friends to arrive at the yellow ball....

Spotted this lone red poppy in a sea of yellow rape blossom today. The first one to open up there. It made me smile anyway.

We also came across a slightly macabre scene which I have not encountered before. There were a pair of crows and a pair of magpies killed and left hanging on barbed wire over a fence. WARNING - Image added as an extra - If you are easily upset or offended then do not open it.

There is a thought that this practice is used to scare off other corvids as they can be pests, but there is also a thought that they are left by the hunter as a sign of prowess. Nonetheless an unusual sight.

Son's birthday today so we are off out for a family tea in Leeds tonight. No granddaughter to restrict our choice of dining.

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