Something Different

Sometimes I feel like I am in a rut with my photography, and that’s probably because I am. Today I went to Meadowlark Botanical Gardens to work some more with the lensbaby.  While I am not ready to throw the towel in yet, I do find it quite frustrating.  Having read what others have posted on various Lensbaby FB pages about their initial experiences, I feel like I need to stick with it a while longer, since my sentiments echo those of many others.  It apparently takes time. 

While I was making my way around, examining all the flowers and insects, I noticed a group with their easels in what appeared to be a painting class.   I couldn’t resist taking a few shots of them as they were deep in discussion. I sure hope they weren’t talking about Donald Trump.  That seems to be all anyone can talk about these days.

Ultimately I decided to have a little fun with the shot, just to break the monotony. 

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