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By creativelenna

meet kitten Luna

On May 21st I went to a rescue place for cats called Cat Depot, to meet "Dana" a beautiful all grey young cat, whom I had seen online as needing a good home. A month or two before, I had asked Steve what he thought of the idea of getting another cat. We adopted Lightning, our 2 year old tiger boy cat maybe a year and a half ago and he seemed lonely to me.... Steve agreed. Well, it was true!! After a day or two of checking eachother out, slow introductions, some hissing & chasing :) our new kitten Luna and our established cat Lightning are very happy to be together! 

Lightning is on the back of the couch napping and you've caught Luna taking a bath! She is about 14 months old and small for her age I think. She was found abandoned on the side of a local road with her 2 kittens, argh! She obviously had a good home at one time because she is very friendly and loves to be petted! She is so sweet. We are really glad to have her and happy she has made Lightning's life much more interesting. He does not sleep as much now (busy playing!) and is no longer out on the lanai crying and meowing at various cats across the canal. ❤

I want to thank all of you who stopped by and left lovely comments, stars & hearts on my blip yesterday!! Thank you so much. I will see if I can slowly work my way into visiting you too, I'd love to. I have a couple of photos to catch up with here to get me up to date (just 2) & I'll be there. 

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