A lovely day! Great to see RachaelKevinJay and Kaitlyn again!!!!  They are over from Australia for a few weeks. We shared lots of delicious food, laughter and news.

We went to a South African restaurant where they recommended having a side of chilli con carne with your Hamburger!? I had the prawn linguine which was delicious.

Kevin went back to home for the afternoon and Rachael, Kaitlyn, the boys and I had a great time on the River Crusie and wandering around Greenwich together, we went on a Carousel that was really fast, haven't done that for years! The River Cruise was great, on the way from Westminster to Greenwich we had a hilarious tour guide, deadpan cockney waterman, very funny.

Max finished some work and was able to come over in the evening and we went to an amazing Chinese restaurant in Victoria that is massive and none of us had ever noticed before called The Grand Imperial, we sat at a large round table and helped ourselves to lots of great food from the lazy susan, Kevin's son Jay was able to join us too, it was a wonderfully relaxed meal, chatting, kids drawing and trying new things, old friends, just lovely.

Extra pic shows a collage of the day and another one of a wedding shoot I snapped from the cab.

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