The Blip Book

Today I received the photo book I worked on for weeks.  It represents my first 15 months on Blip, from October 2013 to the end of 2014.  I guess my next project will be 2015!  Getting the pictures in was fairly easy as I have a reasonably organised archive of my Blip photos, and any missing pictures could be downloaded from Blip. I did a quick calculation (160 pages, about 460 images) and spread the photos out accordingly.
The texts were more problematical, because they needed a little editing, and placing the texts and pictures on a page required a fair bit of playing around.
However, I am extremely pleased with the finished product, although of course, the next one will be even better.
I listened to Joe Tree talk about Blip at an International Internet Librarian conference at Olympia, and was a member before I left the auditorium!
Backblip - today's picture is here.

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