Have been under siege today

Unfortunately the Naked Bike Ride (hoping to show vulnerability of cyclists) took second place today to the demonstrations of the Neo-Nazi League allied with the South West Infidels who aimed to disrupt the Demonstration for 'Refugees Welcome' organised by Stand Up to Racism Bristol.  The latter marched peacefully along my street to College Green in front of the Council Offices and Cathedral well guarded by police and vans while the lot in black were corralled  in Partition Street  from which they broke out at one stage and had to be pushed back in again by police,  dogs and horses.  Just such a dreadful exercise - no wonder policing these demos costs so much when neighbouring forces also have to called in to provide extra manpower and equipment.

Extras show how small in number were the Refugee Welcome demonstrators compared to the police guarding them - but there may have been others converging from a different direction -  and the moment the other black clad group broke out of the cordon.

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