Dog and pansies

Ten years ago I organised the 20 year reunion for my cohort studying French at the University of Birmingham, twenty years ago I organised the ten year reunion, and in the week that we finished our exams in 1986 I was the one who rounded everyone up for a class photo on the library steps. So guess what? Yes, I'm now busy organising our 30 year reunion.

We're quite a big year group scattered all over the world so much of the initial work has been focused on finding one another. Another complication is that the majority in our year are women who are now married so we're dealing with tracing people who have had at least one name change since 1986. I started this process a few months ago. We're now approaching the date by which we need to confirm numbers so I have spent most of the day (a) checking the point that we have reached for each of the names on the master list and (b) engaging in further detective work to uncover the missing. Today I got as P in the list of surnames so will need to pick this up again next weekend.

My other activity today was to visit the sick. My colleague Bruce should currently be in the middle of an ambitious cycle along the Iron Curtain trail. However, he fell ill just before the anticipated start date and he had to cancel the trip. This morning I called in to cheer him up with conversation and flowers.

In other news Mr hazelh and I enjoyed our (first) barbecue of the season in our front yard this evening.

On my walk back home from Bruce's flat through the New Town I blipped this dog and pansies.

Exercise today: walking (7,322 steps)

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