Sgwarnog: In the Field

By sgwarnog

Small Heath

I expect you're getting fed up with butterflies, but this is the first Small Heath I've seen in a couple of weeks, and the first I've blipped. It stayed attached to this stalk for a good few minutes while I tried to get a half decent shot between gusts of wind.

I logged another observation for the Big Butterfly Count: 13 Ringlets, three Meadow Browns, two Large Skipper and just the single Small Heath. I also managed a couple of shaky shots of a Burnet moth which I thought would be a Six-spot, but which the folk over on iSpot think is one of the Five-spot species, which is probably more unusual. I saw the Burnets flying in the same patch last year, but this was the first time I'd managed any sort of picture.

long grass
in the breeze
the weight
of a butterfly

It's been a surprisingly intense week at work, so I'm looking forward to a long weekend back in the homeland, starting tomorrow. Brace yourselves for a few Welsh blips.

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