I ran a training course at a near-by office block today, in an area near central station known as the 'barcode'. Outside the window a JCB dug the foundations for anew office block, but no sound leaked in - isn't triple glazing wonderful.

Back at the hotel I hook up with Rob & Austin (who are almost locals) in the bar. The NDC conference is this week and the hotel is full of folk I know from the conference circuit. Along with Anthony, we head off to The NightHawk Diner for some traditional American food. None of the staff are Norwegian either. I have quesadilla, and they're excellent. For afters a I indulge in a rum based milkshake cocktail.

Walking back we pass the 'Oslo river'. You can just about make it out in the photo - it's not very substantial. To get over our disappointment we head to the Bar 34 at the Radison Blu - the tallest building in Norway apparently - for a nightcap. We miss the sunset, but the view is great anyway.

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