Flower Friday DIY

OK - so it's not obviously a flower.  But it was once.

This is a seed pod from a Jacaranda; the result of one of my foraging expeditions - you know, just in case it came in useful.  I should be more organised and make up a Blip Box - a little DIY project.  (I know; I'm really struggling here).  

I doubt very much whether I'll plant these seeds though - that's taking DIY just a bit too far in this instance.    Jacarandas are gorgeous trees, but not in my back yard.  

I suppose what I could have done for a blip was the seed pod, and a still life of a plant pot full of potting mix, and me sowing the seed. That would have been DIY.  But seeing that it's chucking it down with rain, and too wet and foggy even to venture outside to get all the kit together, it will remain a figment of imaginations.

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