Bumble Bee

Bumble bees love the California poppies we have in many places in our garden thanks to Raven, the best gardener in the universe... at least for us. It was her idea to fill the newly bare earth behind our house (near where the deer lie down to rest) with California poppies. They make such a beautiful golden field of color and warmth. And the bees do love them. I try all the time to get good bee photos and usually come up with a blurry bee or out of focus flowers. I am quite happy with this shot, especially with the abstract feel of the poppies behind the bee. Not meaning to brag, just happy.

This afternoon Arvin and I are going to the Whatcom Chorale concert. They are singing the Handel coronation anthems, not my favorite to be honest. (I've sung them twice.) But Steve's lady Kai is singing and we had planned to go listen to her and the group where I sang for over 15 years. And to top it off, Helena won two tickets at the Music Club drawing and gave them to us. Nice. Afterwards I'd love to go out to dinner with somebody but we haven't got that planned. We shall see what happens.

Later: the concert was really good. We called Helena after and met her for pizza at La Fiama. We used a gift certificate she had given us. So she paid for most of our entertainment today.

Almost forgot two things. Huge thank you for the wonderful responses to my fawn photos. You are the greatest.

Number two: I had not heard about the appalling violence when I posted this. I am in shock. Something must be done to get guns out of so many people's hands. So very sad and horrible.

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