I need my gun to hunt

This is one of the pathetic excuses that I have heard as justification for the right to carry a firearm in the United States. Even putting aside the fallacy of that excuse as I very much doubt that many of those who possess a firearm use it to hunt and of those that do, I suspect it has as more to do with the pleasure of killing something than it does the need to put food on the table, there is still the question of why you might need an automatic assault rifle to tackle, well a duck for example? Anyone wanting to hunt in the UK does so with a shotgun. Should that person go a little crazy and let's be clear, it happens, there is a limit to how much carnage they can cause with something that can only fire a couple of times before having to be reloaded and is only effective at close range. Of course, the failure to do anything about it in the US is ultimately down to cowardly politicians who are worried about alienating a significant percentage of the voting public. I do hope the lives of those 50+ people killed over the weekend were worth it.

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