Swanning about

Hmmm, still haven't started painting the woodwork in the bathroom, despite good intentions!

Quick walk round the lakes near Powburn (actually Branton Nature Conservation Area, I discovered this week) this morning, and then down to Alnwick for a look round an Antique & Vintage Fair. We met our friend Andrea there and, as she'd finished looking round - and buying - we had a cup of tea with her (and MrM indulged in a large slice of cake too) before looking round ourselves.

MrM bought some carving tools and we set off for Alnmouth for a wet walk on the beach with Louie. Very misty and raining too, but Louie didn't seem to mind! Back to Alnwick to do the supermarket shop. 

Had just finished unpacking the shopping and turned on the oven to cook our evening meal when the phone went. Friends on their way home to Kelso inviting us to meet them in the pub for a drink and catch-up, as we hadn't seen them for ages. How could we refuse?! Turned oven off and we walked down to the pub for a very pleasant hour or so.

Time for a quick meal (salad - too late for cooking by then!) before sorting out a few things for the week ahead. And so to bed...

Where did the weekend go?!

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