Back at the Marina Club

Haven't been here for ages and today I'd arranged to meet with some school mums for lunch, only that it turned out that the one organising turned up! She'd forgotten to give important details to the others. It wasn't a problem, since we enjoy each other's company and were very content with just the two of us!

I've taken this scenery before, it's quite unique in that beyond the swimming pool, are a whole load of house boats, that are about 4 levels of living and one of the biggest marinas where people actually live on boats in the world. Yup, right here in Discovery Bay.

Later in the evening, we (the 4 of us) went out for an impromptu graduation dinner for both boys. We didn't get to last year for Jon so made up this year by celebrating both their graduations. It was a truly lovely, pleasant evening, even found a two-for-the-price-of-one meal in the Plaza. Memories were made and I just realised how much I love hanging out with them - all!

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