Chuck Close at the Schack

What a great day I had today. My friend Helen picked me up and then Cathy joined us and we drove down to Everett to the Schack Art Center. They are having an exhibit of Chuck Close's work. We met our teacher Trish and a group of other painters - Pat, Nancy, Ann and Erin - and toured the show. It is amazing. What an amazing artist he is. He had a stroke in 1988 and is confined to a wheelchair. That didn't stop him. Nor did other problems and roadblocks he had growing up. What fantastic work. If you live within even a train ride (I'm thinking of you folks in Portland) come up to see it. It would make a great artistic blip meet for folks in this area.

Chuck (not Chuck Close but Arvin's care giver named Chuck) took over getting Arvin ready for his Staying Connected group and is hanging out with him now. I got home earlier than I thought I would so I'm taking the opportunity to do my blip.

More about Chuck Close.

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