By throughalens14


Spent a lovely day in town with my mum, went to Harvey Nicks for lunch and had salmon steak & a lemon drizzle cake, was delicious. Then walked down George Street trying to get the last of the Sales - my mum had taken my little sister shopping before she went on holiday so she treated me to a pair of Hollister jeans, amazing! Will pay her back with Jo Malone stuff on Sunday as I'm back to work then after having the last three weeks off, will feel so weird to be back.

Then home for a stirfry before watching the Olympics ceremony, think I could get used to this only child lifestyle! Off down to the cottage on Sunday night to pick up my sisters and stay there for 2 weeks, will be nice to see them again after 3 weeks separated - we've spent the last week all in different places which has been strange; all living the lives of an only child!

Still sitting up waiting for team GB to walk down..still another half an hour or so to go..only at O..

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