Sweetness & Light

Farsidehues commented recently on one of my street shots that I take a lot of dark images. I do and I quite like it. Its also generally dark here at the moment - although some recent shots have had dark tones even though I took them in the bright sunshine.

I also don't like using the pop-up flash on my camera as I find it gives nasty shadows and I don't carry around my flash gun.

But it's not what my life is like, so I asked Mrs42 to pose for me in our newly tiled bathroom (all white - and bathrooms seem to be the studio of choice on blip) and use the flash to give a high key image for a change.

Thanks Mrs42 :-)

Reject 1: Laughter & Light

Reject 2: Cheeky & Light

- - - - -

LOTD: Grey Days Independence Day blip - great expressions, composition and use of DOF (and a great 2nd blip).

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