By don_T

Young Son's Scooby Doo Blankie

Young son is 27 and living in Australia for 4 months, enjoying the good life. He and his roommate rented a camper van and drove over 6000 km in 10 days up to the Gold Coast. The last I heard they were scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. They had such a great time toodling along and stopping whenever they wanted, sleeping in the van. They had a couple of old surf boards and boogie boards which they were going to leave behind when the van was dropped off and then flying home. Young son resembles Scooby Doo which was a favorite character and show of his. This is his blanket from about age 10. It is safely stored in our spare room in Canada and his cat uses it. The hippie camper van was dubbed "Betty" and the trip was called the Magical Mystery Tour. Good day at work, having arranged an 'appreciation' coffee break for employees. Friday is our finale, with a big luncheon served as our annual company "thank you". It has been a busy week but lots of fun. Tomorrow night is our 5 km corporate run dubbed "The United Way Rat Race" through the downtown core. Thousands participate and raise money for community programs. It was such fun last year I didn't want to leave to go home that I booked a hotel for us so we can stay and enjoy instead if rushing for the commuter train.

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