Main Dining Room, Nittany Lion Inn

In which bisque lovers unite!

It seems I may be going for some kind of soup triple crown this week, as on Tuesday, I had the wonderful baked potato soup at the Ale House. The next day, I had a jolly lunch with good friends at the Nittany Lion Inn and we all indulged in the world-famous lobster bisque.

I'm scheming up ways to get to the Corner Room on Thursday for lunch, for some of their French onion soup, to make it a true triple-crown event, but it looks like my schedule just won't permit it. I'm booked in meetings pretty much all day long. So perhaps this delightful soup run ends here. If so, so be it! I did my best! I am grateful and the soups were delicious!

I've shown you around Penn State's Nittany Lion Inn a bit before. Here's the exterior view.  And there was the blip featuring two interior scenes, including the waiting area outside the dining room.  Also: the secret courtyard inside the Inn that I just discovered a few months ago (that one also includes a glimpse of the beautiful Gilpin Room in the extras).

And who could forget the couple of times the Crittergators - and even a Dancing Girl - took over the Nittany Lion Inn gingerbread replica at Christmas? (A Dancing Girl in December? Well, yes, her appearance was one of the miracles of that year. . . . )

In this photo, for the very first time: the main dining room at the Nittany Lion Inn. Isn't it just lovely? For the longest time, my table of friends was the only group there. And boy were we loud and raucous. We told stories and we laughed so hard, we almost fell off our chairs! That is what friends are for. That, and bisque!

A tune for eating good soup by: Pat Benatar, Treat Me Right.

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