Peace Valley Nature Center ...

What a fantastic, wonderful, exciting day we have had!!

We have discovered a new and fabulous location at which to view wildlife!

Doing some research online the other day R discovered a place called Peace Valley Nature Center.  And today we decided to check it out!

We were so glad we did! I was keeping track of all the different species of birds and counted 23 different birds!  23!!!  Twenty four if you count the Great Blue Heron we saw on our way home!

Included in that total was this red-bellied woodpecker.  We also saw downy woodpeckers, blue jays, tufted tit mice, red-breasted nuthatches, gray catbirds, Eastern towhees, Northern cardinals and a female wood duck and her 8 ducklings ... just to name a few. 

We had a fantastic day and we would definitely go back there!

We liked this peanut feeder so much that R immediately made one when we got home! 

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