Tiny Tuesday .....

Everyday object.

I was looking around the house this morning looking for a tiny everyday object as that is the optional theme for today's Tiny Tuesday.   And I found this oh so tiny mug that was gifted to me by a wonderful blip friend who knows that I am crazy about squirrels. It is billed as the World's Smallest Squirrel Coffee Cup!

I have been wanting to use it for a squirrel prop, or in this case a chippy prop for a while now.  Today was the perfect excuse!  Thank you, D, for the great prop.  And thank you, isbi, for the optional theme of everyday object!  I don't know about all of you but I use a coffee cup everyday! Of course, I don't have peanuts in mine!

Today was another hot, hot, hot day.  At 4:00 this afternoon the temperature was 94° F.  The squirrel in my extra says it all! This is the third day with temps in the 90's!  But the weather is supposed to break tonight and tomorrow should be much more pleasant. 

I have backblipped yesterday if you are interested. 

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