Meet Blue

A giant Flemish rabbit or was it a Flemish Giant rabbit. He was big anyway. Blue didn't like the sound of wood chopping so he went off to the neighbours. I went round to the high school side of the fence to see what our place looked like after Barry had been and pruned trees, and cut down bushes and here was Blue nibbling on some grass. He was easier to blip than the fantail flitting round.
I am a little weary after being the go-fer for Barry. He has done a good job and brought his fathers mulcher with him too so all mulched up.
We are a tad exposed at the moment but as it is too cold for nude sunbathing  it doesn't really matter.
I called on Blue's owner Rachel to tell her where Blue was and as she picked him up she said You need a bath, you are a bit pongy. I got the hint and came home and showered. :-))

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