such, such were the joys.

By Chaps100

In Dublin's Fair City.

Today was our last day in Dublin and we finally decided to go to the Guinness Storehouse.

We started off the morning by going to the natural history and archaeology museums - which were quite interesting. Although, they were much of the same. And once you've seen one clay pot, you feel like you've seen them all.

We then took a long amble over to the storehouse which took up most of the remainder of our spare time. So it was nice to see Dublin before we had to hurry to the airport. The storehouse was actually really very good (if you've ever been to Cadbury world, there's a big similarity between the two- although with the obvious difference of a the presence of alcohol). It tells you all about the 9000 year lease that Guinness made and how they continue to ensure that the quality is the same as when it was first brewed - all very business-like but really quite impressive considering the vision that this man had. At the end of the tour, you get to have a 'free' pint in the gravity bar - which is a bar with a panoramic view of Dublin. Unfortunately, because the storehouse is in the industrial part you can only really see the offices and houses but it was still lovely to look at.

Afterwards we headed straight to the airport and got some food before we had to get out flight. Thankfully, the flight was shorter than planned which meant that we arrived before midnight. Unfortunately, I have to go home tomorrow for Father's Day, so I don't get as much sleep as I would like. But still, it will be nice to go home.

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