It's a Geeks Life

By geekmeek

Cheering Wiggo!

Well, what a day. This is my fleeting view of Wiggo and the boys this morning just 30 mins into the race. That was before all our hopes were dashed. At that point we still had all sights on Gold.

What an incredible day, the support and atmosphere for them was fantastic and it's so good when we all pull together. The route was lined many deep and the cheering incredible.

Sadly the day did not come together for them, but hats off to the winners, that was a tough ride. There may have been no montains but it was a big ride all the same. Let's hope Wiggo has enough in the tank on Wednesday.

I also am not so hot on the photography side when it comes to speed so a great many of todays shots were blurred for various reasosn, still it was fun and I learnt loads for next time which is probably tomorrow or Wednesday. In the mean time my Flickr has my best of the day.

I hope you all enjoyed the first day of the games and the wonderful opening ceremony last night. What a triumph!

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