Heart and Souled

By DebsP

Not in their back yard

If a chip shop in Cheshire gets 'done' tonight, I'll be getting a call from the Rozzers.
Note: chip shop, not military compound, or GCHQ.

We had a nice plan tonight, drive to a park, walk the dog, fish and chips with a view, then home. MrP duly headed in to the chippie to order leaving me in the council car park next door without a blip to my name. Bad move. The buildings out the back looked interesting, sagging roof line, peeling paint so I shoved my camera up on to the high wall. Then I caught sight of one of the staff out the back having a ciggie, the camera moving on to buddleia in sunlight.
Two seconds later .... "Excuse me" ....oh here we go.
I'd read and pondered Arachne's account of being challenged when photographing.
In my case the fag man had sent an attack dog woman member of staff out to challenge me. Didn't I think pointing a camera into their yard was intrusive? I didn't reveal the dilapidated look made it 'blippable'. Instead I proffered that I was always looking for interesting shots for this site and even told her how to spell it (don't forget it's an 'eff'). When she launched a second salvo, I pointed out I wasn't breaking any law (I remembered that from Arachne's write up, and Arachne's smart). My last resort to make her go away was to compose my face into a clearly fake smile and apologise for any upset caused. That usually sends people running. It worked, only for her to return and make an over the top show of recording our car number plate. Honestly, the joke is one look at me and she should have known I wasn't vaulting that wall, I eat chips for goodness sake!

We ate our supper in the church yard with great views of the Welsh hills and round to Manchester, but I have to say I didn't really have the stomach for it.
Like Arachne, I was going to blip my right to the shot but I'd not even pressed the shutter. I remembered, when the dust had settled, a modern plastic door had put me off. The gravestone path, with dustings of sun and rain, though did delight.

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