Don't Make Me Come Over There and Fang You!

Tis summertime, when the heat gets cranking and you can tell the temperature by the length of the cat. The longer the cat, the higher the mercury level on the thermometer.

We've had a few days in the mid-80s, and on this day, I caught Dexter all stretched out on his table by the window, airing out his feline nether parts, including his fuzzy belly. You know how important that can be: keep it cool!

I enjoyed the fact that Dexter had just one fang sticking out as he stretched and rolled on his table and keened for me. The one-fang look is fetching, you silly boy.

And the Tabbycat says, "Yeah, don't make me come over there and fang you with it!" No, Dexter, please don't hurt me!  (P.S. I think you can tell it's also heavy-duty shedding season!)

The soundtrack: The First Cut is the Deepest, by Cat Stevens.

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