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By Chamaeleo

Regent's Canal: Egyptian Goose & Goslings

More graphic in large.
Back blip

I received an award at the Zoological Society of London (mentioned here): there was an award ceremony followed by the Stamford Raffles Lecture. It was a fun occasion, with drinks receptions both before and after the main event.
I took quite a few photos on the Regent's Canal beforehand, and was tickled by the symbolism that I could note: first there was a canal boat leaving a wake in the otherwise still canal (a beautiful example of wake dynamics; easier to observe in water...), then these Egyptian geese appeared to remind me of the first time that I spotted Mr. and Mrs. (it was photographing and observing them that started me off on my birdy trajectory)... Oh, and then a punt went past with the ZSL in the background (with a guitarist strumming away onboard), which seemed to tie London and Oxford together symbolically.

I've uploaded the others to Flickr (right from here).
Under the bridge
Art Deck-O: 2 and 3
Goose family ripples
Goose family flotilla [= Alternative]

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