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Bowood 2016 #21 (Tuesday 21st June 2016)

I avoided Bowood over the weekend as their annual Dog Show was taking place, but I had been told that two Huacaya alpacas were coming to Tractor Ted's on Saturday so I went along to see them. They are two females, approximately three years old, called Echo and Izzy. They were both at the rear of the paddock and I didn't get a chance at a decent shot so I will blip them on another occasion. Echo will be returning to her farm in about a month's time to give birth.

As I walked anti-clockwise around the grounds on the last couple of visits, taking in the garden terraces, I chose this time to go the other way and take in the Pinetum and Archery Lawn. I was looking for something small for Tiny Tuesday and found some wildflowers, orchids and some tiny toadstools that definitely filled the bill. I also watched a pair of hares playing in the distance (didn't have a long lens with me so didn't get a decent shot there either). However, I couldn't resist these Japanese acer leaves in the Pinetum, growing on a magnificent tree.

I walked back through the woods of House Hollow instead of completing the circuit through the Gardens. So much variety in a comparitively short walk of an hour or so.

22.6.2016 (2003 hr)

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Taken with Pentax K-1 and Pentax HD P-D FA 28-105mm f/3.5-5.6ED DC WR lens

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Kinks - You Really Got Me (recorded July 1964)
Ray Davies (vocals and rhythm guitar), Dave Davies (lead guitar via a fuzzed-up amplifier), Pete Quaife (bass) and Mick Avory (tambourine) are joined by session men Bobby Graham (drums) and Arthur Greenslade (piano).
For various reasons I happen to have been listening to a lot of Kinks this year, especially their earlier material and songs that Ray Davies wrote for other people or were covered by other people, so as this day is Ray Davies' birthday (he was born in Fortis Green on 21st June 1944) it seemed appropriate to post the Kinks' third single, which launched the band's successful career.
"You Really Got Me was written by Ray Davies, the Kinks' vocalist and main songwriter, sometime between 9 and 12 March 1964. Created on the piano in the front room [actually hallway] of the Davies' home, the song was stylistically very different from the finished product, being much lighter and somewhat jazz-oriented. Ray said of the song's writing, "When I came up with ['You Really Got Me'] I hadn't been writing songs very long at all. It was one of the first five I ever came up with." - Wikipedia

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