South Shore Yacht Club....

....all the boats are in the water, people were on the dock fishing, there were ducks and geese all over the place(some of which you can see among the boats), & the skyline is off in the distance. We did our walk at South Shore Park today, before the sun decided to make an appearance and heat the temperature up a bit. When we got home, I turned the computer on & it crashed! Tom's been working on it but I was reduced to using the small one that we sometimes take when we travel, but it has no editing programs & is incredibly slow, so it's a struggle!!  :((
On a different subject, I've seen the young robin twice now, & I'm coming to the conclusion that it's either not very smart, or it's lazy. It CAN fly, as I've seen it as it comes in to land, but it now sits on the stone border right below my front window and "cheep, cheep, cheeps" for it's mother! Incessantly! The second time the mom flew down by it, the young one opened it's mouth for food. The mom hopped down in the dirt and very deliberately pecked at the ground several times, looked at the young one, and flew off--for all the world like she was saying "How many times do I have to show you? If you want to eat, look for worms"!  Tough Love!!  It never DID search for food while I was watching, but it finally flew off--in the direction of it's mom!!    :)))

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