Grading 23 June 2016

Another full on day. Started well with the coffee in the car on the trip across the Harbour Bridge. Drove into the close carpark just after someone from the night shift had left, and got the vacant spot. Thereafter, it was constant reviews, interviews, discussions and supervision. Managed to complete all that had to be done, in time to leave and miss the worst of the post work traffic, so that it was a stress free drive with the boys (after collecting them), arriving at the Dojo almost 15 minutes before the session started. 

Both boys warmed up and then practiced a bit more (having done a goodly amount after school, I am told). The energy expended by Mr H, and his much improved preciseness of movement, are both shown in this photo. Young L was asked by Kancho to follow his older brother's moves. That was both a help at times and a hindrance at others.

I was so impressed with Mr H's serious demeanour throughout the grading. One of the sensei who was helping in the grading, and was doing the same stances, moves and kata as the students, was the only other one to work up as much of a sweat as did Mr H. Young L was very good for an 8 year old who has only been doing karate for a couple of months, and a little irregularly.

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