An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

A lot to think about...

But not how I was voting in the EU Referendum.  That was easy.

We didn't get to the Polling Station till almost 8pm and were gobsmacked by how busy it was.   Here's hoping it's the right result.

D suggested that since we were out we just go to our fave little Deli for dinner.  He didn't need to ask twice.  An unexpected surprise and no cooking for me.  Result.

It was a really busy day on the building site that is our side garden.  The diggers are breeding and there's now two of them.  

According to the builder by Saturday the following work will be completed:
·      Excavation of pool & bottoming/blinding
·      Strip foundations
·  90% of below ground drainage (marked-up drawing to follow, on completion)
·      90% of block work up to floor level
·      90% cavity fill

whatever that means :D

Following site meeting yesterday with the pool specialist, they will start on Monday with the pool shell and should be finished the shell within 3 weeks (possibly a lot sooner). 

So it's all looking good so far. 

I've been thinking about holidays and trying to book us something for September.  Hoping to have it sorted by tomorrow.  After last year's disastrous holiday with Alan becoming so ill, I am hoping we will actually feel we've had a break. 

Time to stay up all night and watch the EU Referendum result.  Not :)

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