Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

At ground level

SO tired today! I think it's the heat - or I'll just put it down to that. All I can say is I am loving shorter Ramadan hours. We actually went to buy chocolate straight from work. We have come to the end of all the chocolate in the house!

And found out that G had been very busy in the morning... taking down her curtains and putting them in the wash, and hanging up new black-out curtains that we brought back from Cyprus! Turns out, they were taken up a bit too much by the tailor last week, so we took them down and back to him (his shop is across the garden) and . . . he fixed them right away! While we waited! All sorted; but the most incredible thing was the bible study that was going on in his shop!

Got back home and started the task of putting the curtains back up on the window... G started to cook and in the middle of it, a jar of jalfrezi went crashing on to the tiles. Argh! Red sauce and bits of glass everywhere! That took up all the time I had allocated to ironing to clean up. I always said to G she'd make a great minister of labour! ;)  Funny how these things always happen on the day the cleaner has been. Just saying...

I hope you've had a good weekend...  Oh. My blip is of the garden at ground level ... walking back to the flat. The tree with the flowers is the flame tree outside the living room window... I am taken back by the fact that the older boys are actually obeying the tape that's been placed, and NOT playing on the bit of dirt that they are trying to grow grass on again. Result!

PS. It really was very hot and humid today.

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