Fritillary in the Alpine Meadows

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments stars and hearts for my Hummingbird Hawkmoth yesterday, it's on page 2 of popular!! ☺

We went on a long hike up to a summit 1479m passing though Alpine meadows, farmland and woods. It was hard going up and we had to rest quite a few times (see extra for view) as it was very steep and hot! It was in the lower 20s when we set off but up to 26/27 by the time we finished. We saw so many butterflies which had me wondering if all the butterflies are here in Bavaria for the summer?
I think this is a silver-washed fritillary but I'm not sure what as it has a very distinctive R pattern on it's wings. Hopefully some lovely blipper will be able to id it for me.

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